Impossible for shoplifters to open Fox Tag with bootleg detachers bought online


With reduced theft, more stock is available to be sold


Free sales staff to focus on your customers and worry less about dealing with potential thieves

FoxTag detacher

Designed for the future

The FoxTag detachers are designed with additional security features to help reduce shrink and increase store profitability.
The FoxTag detachers are best-in-class and easy to use. It quickly and efficiently removes the FoxTag from protected merchandise at the point of sale, avoiding unnecessary customer delays.

No.1 Trend in Retail Theft

Bootleg Detachers Bought Online

Shoplifters today are hyperconnected and share information online on how to defeat security tags (via Blogs, YouTube & websites). Almost all security tags today have locking mechanisms that can be opened with either a small metal hook or magnets known as bootleg detachers, legally available online from hundreds of shady traders.

These small bootleg detachers can be concealed in hand, and are used to open old-style tags in seconds, without a sound or disturbance to notify staff that it’s happening. Bootleg detachers have quickly become the fastest-growing trend in-store theft, costing retailers billions in stock loss each year.

Engineered to Withstand Tag Attack

Extensive real-world testing

Working with global retailers for more than 18 months, we installed and tested 500,000 Fox Tag units across more than 100 clothing stores, in five different retail brands. We received feedback from store to C-level, watched many hours of CCTV video of real instore theft attempts, and inspected hundreds of tags that had been attacked by genuine shoplifters. The result is that Fox Tag has undergone 27 design iterations, earning it the most exhaustive real-world design processes ever undertaken in the EAS industry.


Yes. Fox Tag is a dual system solution: it works with RF and AM antennas.

No, that’s the point. Fox Tag electronic/mechanical detachers are unique, cannot be replicated (and individually numbered) and the only ones that will remove Fox Tag devices in your store.

By default, we sell Fox Tag with our own logo, but we are happy to do custom branding for you. Just contact us to discuss details and minimum order quantities.

The default colour is dark grey with a high shine finish. If you wish to have them in another colour, we are happy to do that, assuming that minimum order quantities are met.

Usually we have default tags in stock, but for larger quantities the lead time may be 6-8 weeks. This applies for unique colours and/ or design as well.

Our customers experience a reduction in theft the minute they introduce Fox Tag. Full ROI may take up to 6-12 months, depend- ing on volumes implemented.